About Us

Established in 2007, our Mission was to provide quality training in both firearms and defensive tactics to Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel.

With so much focus on the Global War on Terrorism and the world stage, training companies focused on big Police and Military training, while right here at home things were happening.  The need to modify our mission was clear, as crime continues to rise, the average citizen may begin to feel less secure at home or in public venues.

We felt compelled to bring this same quality of big company training to the civilian population, to educate and train them in the totality of personal defense.

Through real-world knowledge from experienced instructors, Direct Action Tactical stays current on today’s threats, providing up-to-date training and tactics that have been proven to work in real encounters.

Even for the tactically proficient, the need to train is always necessary.  Our instructors come from current Military and Law Enforcement communities, the knowledge and tactics they share are the same as they rely on to save their own lives.