Travel Awareness Program

It is never too early (nor too late) to begin to prepare yourself or a loved one for international travel. The ability to safely navigate on foreign soil – from the airport to your hotel and from one side of a town to the other – encompasses a wide range of skills, including awareness of the environment around you, communication skills, using schedules, route analysis, packing properly. Direct Action Tactical’s Travel Awareness program will take you and your travel preparations to the next level. You will learn how to improve your situational awareness, targeting avoidance, pre-travel research tactics, conduct to help you blend in, anti-kidnapping, and other life preserving skills. This program also includes CPR training. Travel smart. Travel prepared. Travel aware.

This is a 24-hour class including 8 hours for First Aid/CPR Training. Check the Training Center Calendar for registration information.

Min/Max Class Size: 6/12
Cost: $250.00