Youth Impact Program (Y.I.P.)

This training is designed for ages 13-17

D.A.T.’s Youth Impact Program is a 4-week program of situational awareness, self-defense training, and fitness. The curriculum includes topics on de-escalating a confrontation, dealing with real-life scenarios, bullying and much more. We constantly hear about child abductions, gangs, date rape, bullying, etc.  We feel very strongly about kids knowing how to defend themselves.

The classes are an hour and a half twice a week. We do real striking on Body Opponent Bags and heavy bags as well as some hands-on application.
The techniques given to the student will be realistic and delivered in an age-appropriate setting.

During the program, the students and instructors will travel off site, to demonstrate and discuss situational awareness in a variety of venues such as: parking lots, the mall, or school campuses. (**parents are welcome to attend this portion usually held day 2**)

We are fortunate to have several current and former police officers as instructors who will also reinforce some of the “where and when” for these techniques.

2 days a week for 4 weeks (1.5 hrs each day)
Minimum enrollment: 2 students maximum enrollment 6 students
Cost: $94.92