Situational Awareness Class

Situation Awareness Class: Being Prepared Frees You From Being Paranoid.

During this 4 Week Situational Awareness Class you will learn the best places to park in a parking lot and how to navigate parking lots safely.

Self-Defense begins with Knowledge

Ages: Adult Only (18+)
Cost: $99.00
2 Week Class, 4 hours each class

Are you concerned about the recent rise in violent encounters in the US?
Do you ever feel vulnerable while walking to your car?
Do you know what to do in the event of a gunman, flash mob or natural disaster?
Do you have the mindset to survive an attack or violent encounter?

DAT has developed our Situational Awareness class to give you the tools to navigate through these and many other current, real-world safety issues.  The course will combine classroom instruction, off-site situational awareness demonstration, and practical real-world self-defense techniques.
*     Real world self-defense training
*     Situational Awareness in multiple venues
*     Skills to de-escalate violent encounters
*     Response to flash mobs, gunman, natural disasters
*     Parking lot, bathroom safety
*     Safety mindset
*     Effective communication in high stress situations

At Direct Action Tactical we believe that being prepared frees you from being paranoid. Join us for our Situational Awareness Class so you can be better prepared for the changing would we live in.  Self Defense begins with knowledge.

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