CORE (Basic Self Defense)

The CORE Program is designed to present all of the techniques that are utilized in Direct Action Tactical’s Basic Self-Defense Curriculum.  It is not a mastery program but rather lays a foundation that will lend skill and perspective to the more advanced self defense programs.  Upon the completion of the CORE Program, students will be able to step into any other program offered at DAT with enough proficiency to participate and progress.  The class consists of a low impact workout followed by technique instruction.  CORE has been developed solely to make the student comfortable with all basic techniques.  This will prepare the student for ongoing Self Defense Training. Students will need to dress in comfortable clothing

The curriculum includes:
•    Basic Striking Techniques
•    Defense to Strikes
•    Break Falls
•    Take Downs
•    Counters to Chokes and Holds
•    Ground Fighting
•    Counters to weapon attacks

Women’s Only-CORE

This program teaches women to find the power within to protect themselves from being a victim, concentrating on the importance of awareness, prevention, street-smarts and most importantly, self-defense. This method uses real-world scenarios to build confidence and empower the student.

The program uses the same concepts and the same skills that are taught in the regular XCQT Self Defense Program in a relaxed female-only environment. The challenges are the same however the skills are taught in a less intense setting to ensure the techniques are understood. Class will involve role playing. You will be required to perform the skills under stress to ensure your knowledge and performance of each skill.

In addition to the Women’s Only CORE, this course is also available in 6 and 12 week sessions. Please look at the Training Center Calendar to see what’s available.

Cost: $155.94