XCQT (“Execute”)

Extreme Close Quarters Combative Training Program — XCQT (Pronounced “Execute”)

Our program incorporates years of defensive tactics experience as well as concepts from, Okinawan Kenpo, Lima Lama, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), the Krav Maga system, and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics.  This program focuses on the understanding of personal defense, by enhancing the students’ ability to tap into a combat mindset in order to survive a potentially lethal encounter.  Our program teaches the student to maintain better situational awareness, as well as read body language that will help the student prepare for or avoid a physical encounter.

Understanding applicable laws regarding the use of self-defense is also important.  Many of our instructors come from current Law Enforcement backgrounds and provide up-to-date information on crime and law so the student is prepared physically and mentally.

Since avoidance is not always possible and situations more often than not are unpredictable, we must train to defend ourselves should a situation arise.  By teaching intuitive techniques that are simple and highly effective, our program isn’t just for the young and fit; it is for the person of any age and fitness level.

This brings together a very well-rounded curriculum that is geared toward the individuals’ ability to successfully repel a violent encounter. We also foster the knowledge to help deal with developing or emergent situations that may place the student in danger using situational awareness and mindset drills.

This program will include the following topics:

  • Counters to chokes and holds
  • Upper and lower body strikes
  • Ground fighting
  • Defense against weapons
  • Use of edged weapons
  • Identification and use of weapons of opportunity
  • Weapons retention

Cost: Private instruction only $40 per session (approx 1.5 hrs)